Newborn care. Massotherapy newborn from a 1-st hours

NewbornThe value of massotherapy for childrenEveryone knows that of the the birthday of organs and systems of the newborn still is needs of development and development. This is especially true of the brain and central nervous system. It is proved that the pathways of a skin analyzer mature earlier visual and auditory, and by the time the light is along fully developed.Since a first week of the birth, a baby is most susceptible to the effects of the face, massage may we encourage a evolution of all organs and systems of a newborn, and to a big extent the central nervous system.A child newborn is normally observed hypertonic saline - arms and legs bent, fists clenched, erratic movement, chaotic. Our task - to help balance a crumbs muscle tone, how soon however possible to start production meaningful movement, time to go done all a stages of growth.1st you request to pick a location for a child massage. It need be tight enough broadside. Ideal - changing desk. Cover a him a blanket, rubber sheet and top with the clean or disposable diaper. A apartment should be correctly ventilated. A optimal temperature in the room - 18-22C.A hand want be polish, hot, with close-cropped nails. Watches, rings and other jewelry want be removed. Time of classes (early, afternoon or evening) is selected individually for every newborn. A basic condition - a kid want have any sleep, because if he wants to sleep, occupation harm it will turn out successful.It is not forbidden to nourish a baby, if he had not fallen asleep. Wait 10-15 minutes. Let a kid otrygnet air, a small rest of the a meal, and It is possible to safely proceed to a massotherapy. It's okay if a small kid then srygnet - after a massage you feed him more.For newborn massage is recommended to use child butter. Lubricate them with a hand, just not more plentiful. Upon the sessions comprise music, or sing himself, or just talk with a newborn during the massage. Learn a variety of fun poems, comment them the actions. Kid will follow a movement of your lips and remember all, but when it begins to gulit, say the 1-st sounds of it it is extremely good.A necessary condition for a goodness lesson - your great mood! A baby reacts to the internal state of the mother. You should be sure that the child massage is highly useful - so anything will be taken pipsqueak good. That the child receives a pleasure of a massage, you have to train him to such pursuits. Massage for a child - it's a extremely big job. As possess to do it EVERY DAY, gradually increasing a duration and intensity of training.The baby need be naked - do not be frightened of cold handles, legs, nose. This is not an indication that the child is coldness. Check the back of a head, if it's hot, it's all rightly. And the arms and legs are extremely adaptable and will soon be hot for however long however a baby is stripped. A extremely first lesson must be no more than 5-10 min. By 1.5-TWO weeks duration of employment increased to 30 minutes.  Child. Like articles:Care of a child. Child Development in 6 monthsBabyBreastfeedingChildBaby. Teething in babiesBaby.

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