Harmful bacteria

ChildPathogens in nature a lot. Days of the most common bacteria - salmonella and shigella.SalmonellosisCausative agents of the disease is very tenacious. In a open waters of salmonella thrive 120 hours in seawater - 217, in egg and frozen fresh meat - size one year, and in a ambient dust - up to one and a 0.5 years! Tiny enough to eat contaminated eggs to have sick.Implication: insidious disease do itself felt in a lot of ways. In babies, it is often disguised how a common cold-blooded. Manifested lethargy, loss of appetite, slight fever. But a day later a thermometer shows 38 C begins diarrhea, ofttimes vomiting. In older infants, typically once a disease accompanied by a big temperature. Newborn vomits, has diarrhea, cramps in the abdomen.What to do: The kid needs lots of drinking. Physicians get medication with sorbents: a smectite, sillard activated charcoal. Most likely, the child will appoint and antibiotics.Prevention: Salmonella are afraid of a heating. Cook tight-boiled eggs, fresh meat, make a little longer.Shigellosis (dysentery)A bacteria that cause dysentery, in a hot environment has been particularly efficacious breed. Why, a peak of a disease in the summer weeks. A incubation period of the disease - with 2 times to a week.Implication: It all starts with a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39C. Characteristic signs of illness - painful urge to defecate, washy stools with mucus, green, blood.What to do: glucose-saline solution - this is a first thing to give a child. And when a kid has better, change the decision of unsweetened green tea. Pediatrician prescribe antibiotics. And a kid needs a careful diet: cereal, steam patties and baked apples.Prevention: fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables well clean out. Make sure that a street newborn is not picked up anything with the ground. Of the a walk carefully bath your hand with soap and h2o.  Newborn. Resembling posts:Baby service. Timofeev AM Conversations kids's doctorNewbornChild maintenance. ChickenpoxChildBaby leaving. Fall hair later childbirthBaby.

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