Baby. Bacteria in breast natural milk

ChildSo to protect the child with germs lodged in a fresh natural milk?The lovely advantage of lactation is the absolute sterility of fresh natural milk. But doctors get found that even in such a wonderful item, same my mom's milk, may sneak harmful bacteria.And if our parent and did not occur to express her milk in a test tube and bring them to the lab, a analysis of contemporary mothers warm milk for sterility enjoys unprecedented popularity. Is it worth it to pick up, what kind of "pests" may be found in natural milk and what to do if the tests are not perfect?  Attention of a newborn. Like Care of a baby.articles:Finger gyms. The evolution of great motor skillsNewbornBaby maintenance. Simulated feeding. MixturesNewbornMaintenance of a newborn. Vitamins for babiesNewborn.

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