Baby maintenance. A material progress of a child 11 months

BabyIf your little one is just learning to walk, let it ride a some buggy. This is a beneficial exercise, done which the infant is learning to balance and time to stop. Lightweight stroller to get more sustainable, put it in a heavy book.During the walk you can find a lot of items to work with infants. Show a child how to put in a bunch of stones, twigs or leaves. This will not alone help to improve physical performance, or your son's little girl, but also stimulate a development of touch.If a kid has learned to climb the stairs, show him however to have down on the stomach or getting to his feet. It is perfect to show your baby safe technique to walk down the stairs than rely on a fact that the crumb will never be on it.Development of a baby under one yearCalendar of the progress 11 monthTests of the newborn: 10-12 weeksCalendar of child construction: 12 30 daysNewborn 12 weeksBuilding of a child under 1 yearCalendar of child constructionEarly Child Progress   Similar posts:LactationChildAlcohol and fresh-feedingBabyMoms. Vitamins for infantsBaby.

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