Care of a newborn. Newborn jaundice

BabyReasons zheltushki a newborn:During fetal life in a blood of a fetus are a big number of red blood cells (RBCs). But however soon however a child begins to breathe, for the oxidation of the aging body tissues do not must so many red blood cells, however later the child born of them breaks. A released dye in a liver undergoes a specific process "processing." But because of a immaturity of child liver specific functions are not able to quickly put it out of a body. However a effect, it accumulates there arises neonatal jaundice..Zheltushki symptoms in the child:A any times later a birthday of the skin and mucous membranes possess a newborn yellow (stool and urine does not stain). However a rule, at 7-10 hours yellowness of the face begins to diminish and the baby's condition is normalized. Keep in mind that jaundice, neonatal persistent for more than two weeks, however good how the emergence of zheltushki after discharge with a infirmary, is a sign of a serious disease. In this case, you should immediately show the baby's medic.Therapy zheltushki a child:Some newborn in the maternity ward prescribe phototherapy sessions (it is placed under a particular blue and white lights). Early children want extra therapy in a hospital. Best remedy for physiological neonatal jaundice - the mother's milk.Frequent feedings "water-washed" of a baby. Moreover, early milk has a laxative effect, and thereby helps to quickly withdraw bilirubin. That is why it is so influential to make a newborn to a natural however soon as potential.Early attachment, the best prevention zheltushki in newborns.Newborn jaundiceNewborn Jaundice MedicationNeonatal jaundice   Similar posts:Leaving of a baby. Rickets and Vitamin DNewbornBaby care. Poses for breast-feedingNewbornMoms. Hair loss after giving birthdayNewborn.

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