Moms. A eyes of child

ChildOfttimes, but not ever, treating eyes newborn, surprised mom asks to whom they are blue similar a sea surface? Indeed, a lot of babies are born with blue skin eyes, but by 6 months of eye color changes to the. Then my mom would understand exactly, who succeeded in charming eyes.Sometimes it also happens that in basic it is impossible to see a child eye color, because... He may not open them. This is due to postpartum edema, if the head for a while, "stood" in a birthday canal. Do not worry, the swelling will pick up put by itself.At times a infection causes swelling of a eye, but in this case it is ever accompanied by mucous or purulent mucous discharge with a eyes. It is yet being treated in a hosp., and a swelling goes without consequences.What else may surprise baby mama, it's squint. What is not at all uncommon for children. Doctors explain the weakness of a abductor muscles squint skin eyes. For 6 months in this state will resolve itself.It as well happens that a skin eyes of the child keep a bright red color. For example, in the case of hemorrhage caused by lack of oxygen upon gestation or the fact that the baby suffered a difficult birthday. Vessels are greatly affected by the lack of oxygen, but then anything goes without a trace.  Mums. Alike Newborn.articles:Child 10 monthsBabyBaby. MastitisBabyNewborn service. Hardening of kidsChild.

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