Child. Massotherapy newborn from the 1st days

BabyThe value of massotherapy for infantsEveryone knows that following a birth of organs and systems of a newborn still in need of development and building. This is particularly true of a brain and central nervous system. It is proved that the pathways of a skin analyzer mature earlier visual and auditory, and by the time the light is yet fully developed.Since the first weeks after birth, the baby is most susceptible to the effects of a skin, massage can we encourage a growth of all organs and systems of the newborn, and to a great extent a central nervous system.A newborn child is normally observed hypertonic saline - arms and legs bent, fists clenched, erratic movement, chaotic. Our task - to help balance a crumbs muscle tone, so soon so potential to beginning making meaningful movement, time to go through all the stages of growth.First you need to pick a location for a newborn massage. It should be strongly enough broadside. Ideal - changing table. Cover a him a blanket, rubber sheet and top with the clean out or disposable diaper. A rooms should be rightly ventilated. A optimal temperature in a placement - 18-22C.Your hand need be clean, heartwarming, with close-cropped nails. Watches, rings and other jewelry should be removed. Time of classes (reasonable, afternoon or evening) is selected individually for each child. A basic condition - the kid want get approximately sleep, because if he wants to sleep, occupation harm it will turn out successful.It is not forbidden to feed a newborn, if he had not fallen asleep. Wait 10-Fifteen minutes. Let a kid otrygnet air, a some rest of the a meal, and It is possible to safely proceed to a massotherapy. It's okay if a some kid then srygnet - following the massotherapy you feed him more.For newborn massotherapy is recommended to use child butter. Lubricate them with the hands, just not very plentiful. During the sessions comprise music, or sing himself, or just talk with a child during a massotherapy. Learn a variety of fun poems, comment them your actions. Kid will follow the movement of the lips and remember everything, but when it begins to gulit, say a first sounds of it it is more effective.A required condition for a helf lesson - a goodness mood! A child reacts to the internal state of the mum. You should be sure that the baby massotherapy is extremely valuable - and then everything will be taken pipsqueak good. That the baby receives a pleasure of a massage, you enjoy to train him to such pursuits. Massotherapy for the baby - it's a much big job. As enjoy to do it EVERY TIME, gradually increasing a duration and intensity of training.The child want be naked - do not be afraid of coldness handles, legs, nose. This is not an indication that the baby is cold-blooded. Check a back of a head, if it's soft, it's all right. And the arms and legs are much adaptable and will soon be heartwarming for how long however the newborn is stripped. The highly first lesson need be no more than 5-10 min. By 1.5-TWO weeks duration of employment increased to Thirty minutes.  Alike posts:Service of a baby. Feeding newbornBabyMums. Analysis of breast milkNewbornLeaving of a child. Baby MassageChild.

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