Child. Massotherapy newborn from the 1st days

BabyThe value of massotherapy for infantsEveryone knows that following a birth of organs and systems of a newborn still in need of development and building. This is particularly true of a brain and central nervous system. It is proved that the pathways of a skin analyzer mature earlier visual and auditory, and by the time the light is yet fully developed.Since the first weeks after birth, the baby is most susceptible to the effects of a skin, massage can we encourage a growth of all organs and systems of the newborn, and to a great extent a central nervous system.A newborn child is normally observed hypertonic saline - arms and legs bent, fists clenched, erratic movement, chaotic. Our task - to help balance a crumbs muscle tone, so soon so potential to beginning making meaningful movement, time to go through all the stages of growth.First you need to pick a location for a newborn massage. It should be strongly enough broadside. Ideal - changing table. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. 3. The newborn does not understand the meaning of words

NewbornHow tell him his actions are not required. In fact, baby psychologists say: even a baby wants to tell him about the size of a changes that keep occurred in a family. And even more as to tell the child that you are going to do with it.And it does not issue whether a baby understands the words. Less important than a capacity, how much emotional, sensory capacity. Studies show that infants with whom the parents from the first days of your talking on equal terms, faster, and easier to learn to speak.Moms and dads so such conversations help kids learn perfect, to feel and realize that they are dealing not with a object of leaving and education, and on the individual, with the features man.  Alike posts:Care of a newborn. Analysis of fresh milkBabyService of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Newborn 5 weeks

BabyIf you give a child a rattle in his mitt, he will study it highly closely. A colored object will consider longer than colorless. Fun, specifically a round same balls kid can grab with both hand, with hands spread or squeezed similar a fist.With the position on the back (support the upper body), a baby tends to rise, with the head not only holds, but as well trying to raise higher. Lying on his stomach, rests in a palm of the hands straightened. If you put a child on his feet, he will be level with the support of, and from the "supine" will be able to roll complete on his stomach.When you carry the baby around a apartment, he looks around, watching eye of a moving person. Holds the rattle how tightly that it is heavily to select.Good distinguishes relatives and strangers, strict and affectionate tone. Читать полностью -->


BabyThe smallest wants to drink much individual and depend mostly on fresh food, weight and age of the infant, as right however the state of hygiene and the climate. In basic it may be said that a healthy baby until a year to 100 ml of fluid for each kilogram of weight. When a newborn reaches 10 kilogram, a calculation is slightly various needs: Now a day a child demands to get 1 liter of liquidity plus 50 ml per kilogram over a general ten.  Newborn. Same posts:Newborn attention. Construction of a baby in 9 weeksBabyVitamin for nursingBabyVitamin for infantsNewborn. . Читать полностью -->

Baby. Person child

BabyExpectant mums and young good to know size some of a features of a appearance of newborns in advance.If you are a beautiful mom, a newborn imagine being chubby and smiling with cute folds on the arms and legs. Be aware, life is not how! Here's mom throws a first look at a child newborn, and it seems that with a baby anything same this: a great head, tiny aging body, gnarled hands and feet, the skin in spots.Do not worry if the newborn newborn does not look same a baby from the image. Babies rarely are born pink, plump and polish. Typically, babies enjoy approximately features of face, disappearing following a while of the birth. And to dispel a doubts and fears, you just must to talk about this with your medical man at a hosp..  Baby. Alike posts:Supplementing. Читать полностью -->

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